Monday, July 9, 2018

Machine Monday

Bailey, my sewing companion and quilt inspector showing his approval.  The panel is Cherry Hill Sampler by Kathy Schmitt LLC for Moda.  I came across it by accident in my WIP box on Friday night.  It was a case of serendipity, as it hadn't been started and that box is for projects that have been started in some way.  All the "picture frames" have been quilted around the outside with dark red rayon and (gasp!) the threads have been woven in.  I will be glad of that when the quilting is finished. lol

After the inside of the " square frames" have been quilted in red, the center will be quilted with this pattern in clear monofilament.  The stencil is 5 1/4 inches square, so will sit nicely in the middle and one continuous line, which means very few threads to weave in.  It is Tulip Bulb Block by Maude VonBergh-Arnoldus for QCI, Inc. (

This is going to be used on the rectangles, using the same thread.  There's not as much info on this one.  All it has on the sticker is SP26 Scroll Border 3".  This one doesn't have an arrow to show the direction, so I'll need to have a bit of a play with it, as I'm fairly certain that it'll be quilted across one side and then the other.

This is my favorite block.  I'm a sucker for anything whimsical.  Kathy Schmitz's blog is here.

Flying Geese have always been a favorite and this foundation pieced Geese Around The World from the book Quilting from little things by Sarah Fielke

It's being quilted with the same red rayon as the other quilt, so they're being worked on at the same time.  


  1. I love the red quilting thread against that green fabric. And....needless to say, Bailey is ADORABLE!

  2. Oh and THANKS for stopping in for FNWF too...xox


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